Dreams Free Webinar 26th September 2016

This free webinar, exclusive to those on the Power to Live your Dreams course, will be hosted by Louise Rowan and Jane Clapham.

It's on 26th September at 19.30 BST and a replay will be available if you can't make that time.

We will talk about how to stay motivated and use the Dreams course to achieve your Dreams. We'll help you create time to watch the videos and implement their lessons in your day to day life. And we'll give you some new material - what you can do as part of your daily life to achieve your goals.

We know you're busy - so this webinar will help to re-inspire and re-motivate you to go for it, with the help of a community of Dreams friends around the world.

It's totally free of charge, so sign up now, we look forward to you joining us!

Free Dreams Webinar 26th September